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Number of people and square miles in Sangamon County that can utilize The Depot as the sole source for logistics/staging storage space

200,000 and 877

“The Depot’s quick response to the need for flexibility and additional space requirements is invaluable to a small business when facing

last minute inventory

and logistics alterations.”  

-  Chris

   Small Business Customer

Logistics and Staging 

If you need temporary storage for equipment and materials or an area where you can effectively plan logistics and staging for implementation on your own site, we've got you covered. The Depot Storage logistics and staging space will meet your short-run storage needs and our convenient Springfield location provides easy access and maneuverability for transport and off-loading of vehicles. 

Whether you're working out manufacturing logistics, preparing for a large event or need a temporary construction staging and laydown area away from your project, we can provide a secure and spacious environment to ensure smooth execution of your operations. We’ll work with you to develop a storage solution that meets your budget and time frame.

We also offer Industrial and Manufacturing Storage and Boat, Car and RV Storage, as well asSelf Storage.

Have questions? We're here to help. Call us today at 217.529.5600.